HUPAC is the political action committee of NAHU. It is the expression of our First Amendment rights to free speech and association guaranteed under the Constitution. Such political expression has become far more than a useful option for professionals in a heavily regulated business like the health insurance industry. It has become a necessity.


HUPAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Since NAHU and similar organizations are prohibited from making political contributions, HUPAC was created to allow contributors to combine their financial support to a candidate to achieve maximum effect.




The purpose of the NAHU’s Health Underwriters Political Action Committee (HUPAC) is to raise funds from NAHU members for the purpose of supporting the political campaigns of candidates who believe in private sector solutions for the health and financial security of all Americans.

CAHU-PAC, was established in 1992 as the political action committee associated with the California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU). Its mission is to facilitate, with strategically targeted political contributions, the legislative and advocacy program of CAHU with a primary emphasis on supporting the role of the agent in the delivery of private health insurance.


CAHU-PAC accepts contributions primarily from licensed insurance agents and insurance companies and operates under California legal authority. CAHU-PAC’s Board of Directors works with CAHU, and the 15 local chapters located throughout the state, to create advocacy opportunities so that legislators understand the vital role of independent and licensed insurance agents.


CAHU-PAC advocates on behalf of licensed insurance agents and their clients in California on numerous issues of vital concern including their role in solicitation of health, long-term care, annuity and life insurance products, insurance market reform, rising health care costs and regulations affecting agents and brokers.