2023-2024 Corporate Partners

Thank you to CAHIP-IE’s 2023-2024 CORPORATE PARTNERS

The 2023-2024 Corporate Partnerships make a difference year-round in supporting our chapter! Especially with the challenges that CAHIP-IE has faced during this pandemic year, these Partners have stepped up and have gone above and beyond!  Please be sure to support this year’s Corporate Partners and Chapter Sponsors.

Company’s Name:      D2ENROLL

Phone Number:          1-866-201-7191

Website:                      https://d2enroll.com/

Email:                          sherrig@d2enroll.com


Company’s Name:      Inland Empire Health Plan

IEHP Broker Specialist Phone Number:          1-844-264-4347

Website:                      https://www.brokers.iehp.org/#broker-support-services

Email:                          brokerservices@iehp.org


Company’s Name:      Covered California for Small Business

Phone Number:          1-844-332-8384

Website:                       https://www.coveredca.com/forsmallbusiness/


Company’s Name:       Anthem Blue Cross

Email:                             CASGBrokerServices@anthem.com

Phone Number:          (800) 678-4466

Website:                       https://www.anthem.com/ca


Company’s Name:       BBSI

Address:                        3401 N Centre Lake Drive, Suite 100, Ontario, CA  91761

Phone Number:           (909) 284-7522

Website:                        https://www.bbsi.com/

Email:                            John.Klosinski@bbsi.com